Relation presentation at DrupalCity (47 min)

This is the Relation presentation from DrupalCity, DrupalCamp Berlin, summarizing the background of, anatomy of, and pretty much the usage of Relation module.

Slide presentations * What problem space Relation wants to solve. * How reference fields works today, and their limitations * How these limitations have been treated previously * Some nice basic properties of Relation, solving these problems * The anatomy of a relation entity * Some limitations and drawbacks of Relation * Some future plans for Relation

Live demonstration * Creating a (symmetric) relation type * Adding fields to relation types * Creating relations using the Relation Entity Collector block * Editing relations * Using the Relation Dummy Field (with different formatters) * Using Relations as Views relationships, joining either the relation entity or the other end points * Using directional relations as Views relationships (kind of messy explanation – check out episode 7 for more details) * What may happen when you delete an entity in a relation – it works! * Some Q&A * A quick-quick demo of the Relation Quick Add module