Learn Views with NodeOne, part 11: Relationships

This screencast is a part of the Learn Views with NodeOne screencast series. It presents the concept of *relationships in Views.*

This screencast covers the following topics:

  • How to add relationships in Views
  • How to use relationships to get node data in a list of files
  • How to use relationships to get data from referenced nodes in a node list
  • Some words about the Relation module

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Please note that this screencast series was produced during a short period of time, and may contain parts that appear (and are!) unprepared. Sorry about this. Also, the View version used is in development stage and still contains some bugs. That's life in the front line!

Currently there is no official documentation for the Views 3 module, but you can always read more about Views on the Views project page at drupal.org. If you want to help out with making Views better, please consider answering support questions in the Views issue queue!

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