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Panel variant for articles

Let's work with variants a bit! In this exercise you should let Page manager and Panels take care of displaying articles. They should be displayed in the following way: * A left column should have article image and body (with/out appropriate labels)

Conditioned information on front page

In this exercise you should extend the front page created in the last exercise. In the left column, there should be a list of logged-in users – but it should only be visible for administrators. In the right column there should be a list of all shortcuts (for the acting user).

Home page with two columns

In this exercise you should use Page manager and Panels to create an ugly-but-functional front page on your site. The front page should have two columns.

Page manager and panels exercises

This screencast introduces this chapter, and what we will and won't do in it. This chapter contains some basic and some not-so-basic Page manager and Panels exercises. However, some topics are not covered, such as:

Presentation of sections

In the last exercise in this chapter you should create a block listing all the taxonomy terms for the currently viewed content. The list should have the following properties: * It should be an accordion, with the term name as clickable header