Using the Reference modules


The fields in Drupal 7 makes it possible to quickly and easily make room for the information you need on your site. But to be able to use the site properly, you often need to add information connecting different entities.

The References module is a quick, easy and useful way to create node references and user references, used to create information structure on your Drupal site.

This screencast series shows how to create reference fields, and how to use them together with Views in four short episodes:

  1. Adding and changing appearance of reference fields
  2. Using Views to restrict the selectable nodes/users
  3. Using reference fields with Views' relationships
  4. Using reference fields with contextual filters in Views

Hey, this screencast series is being updated to also include the Entity Reference module!

Also check out the Relation module, that has a more general and even more powerful approach to references. Stay tuned for a screencast series on the topic!