Using hook_menu

This screencasts introduces the concept of *hooks* – functions that, thanks to their names, are recognized and called by Drupal at certain events. In particular, this screencast shows how a module registers new paths on your Drupal site, by implementing "hook_menu". It shows some aspects of using this hook:
  • Declaring new paths
  • Declaring a callback function
  • Setting access to the path
  • Setting which menu the page should appear
This screencast also points out that you'll need to clear the cache to see changes in the menu items. Code added to wordlist.module /** * Implements hook_menu(). */ function wordlist_menu() { $items['admin/config/content/wordlist'] = array( 'title' => 'Word list', 'description' => 'Manage the list of globally available words on your site.', 'page callback' => 'wordlist_page', 'access callback' => 'user_access', 'access arguments' => array('administer_site_configuration'), 'menu_name' => 'management', ); return $items; } /** * Builds the page for configuring Word list. */ function wordlist_page() { return 'Hello world!'; }