YQL Views Query Backend


Views 3 + YQL + Views Attach (presentation at DrupalCamp Oslo)

This is a recording of a presentation at DrupalCamp Oslo 2010 showing how to integrate YQL data with your Drupal using Views 3 and YQL Views Query Backend.

NodeOne talks Drupal: Views 3 + YQL + arguments (and Panels!)

This is a follow-up for the last screencast about YQL and Views 3. Some 48 hours ago YQL Views Query Backend got a new dev version that includes argument handling. For many people that might not mean much. For me it means support for Panels. This screencast shows how to integrate YQL views in Panels to route around information to and from external databases. It also disusses some problems that have to be solved before YQL + Panels can be used fully together.

NodeOne talks Drupal: Views 3 + YQL

Views 3 comes with a pluggable backend, which is pretty cool. One of the things you can do with it is to use Yahoo Query Language with the help of YQL Views Query Backend. This screencasts gives you an introduction of how it works!