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Yearly DrupalCon shirt. This year, a meme from They Live.

Free course: four weeks of Drupal

My biggest screencast series so far is being posted, as a result of a four-week Drupal course. Feel free to join!

Taming the Butler: Learning Rules

With this blog post I’d like to summarize the content of the <a href="/node/984">Learn the Rules framework screencasts</a>, and give curious Drupalistas some easy entrances to one of Drupal’s most powerful and complex modules.

Views Bulk Operations: what's new in D7?

This blog post gives a quick overview of the new features in Views Bulk Operations for Drupal 7, and links to screencasts for learning more about VBO and its integration with the Rules module.

NodeOne Learning Library celebrates 200 items

In early July, NodeOne's Drupal Learning Library was relaunched, collecting and reorganizing a bit more than a hundered screencasts and blog posts with Drupal training material. Today, almost three months later, the library celebrates 200 items! I've taken the opportunity to collect some of statistics about how the content is used and what people seem to like.
Do it yourself. Photo by woodsy, rgbstock.com.

DIY Drupal basics course

This blog post contains notes that, I hope, will allow you to do a one-day Drupal basics course – without any instructor!
The exercises result in a documentation site with some quite advanced stuff.

20 exercises for Drupal site builders

The Documentation site exercise suite is a collection of 20 exercises taking you from Drupal beginner to at least a semi-expert. In the exercises, a site for online documentation is built from scratch – covering essential functionality in Drupal core, Views, Flag, Rules and Page manager + Panels. The exercises are copied straight off from the the book Drupal 7 – the Essentials, and exended with demonstration screencasts.

23 exercises for site editors and Drupal beginners

Drupal can be fascinating and inspiring – which you probably already know. Teaching absolute Drupal basics over and over again, though, may be less inspiring. If you feel that way, the Boss suite of Drupal exercises may help getting some inspiration to both you and your students.
The rare Drupal owl spotted. (original image by Matts Hildén)

Introducing: NodeOne's Drupal Learning Library

I am equally proud and excited to announce the latest addition to NodeOne's online activities: the NodeOne Drupal Learning Library!