Kitten Killers

You say "ballad", I say "GPL"

OK, so there were some things in Your Theme to My Module that weren't perfect. For example, "power ballade" isn't really an accepted term in the English language. (Yet.) Q: What to do about it? A: Submit a patch!

"Every CMS should have its own power ballade"

Man, it was fun playing at FooBar tonight. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making it a great experience. Here are my thoughts about a deeper message in what could be considered a silly song.
The brand new poster of the Kitten Killers

The return of the freaks of Drupal metal

Kitten Killers will perform live at DrupalCon in Copenhagen, at the fooBAR, Tuesday 24th August, 10 pm. Venue: The Australian Bar Vestergade 10c