Drupal the Card Game Tournament at Drupalcon in Copenhagen!

Have you ever wondered if you in fact is the greatest Drupal ninja in the world? Do you think you´ve got what it takes to be saluted by the entire Drupal community?

Sexism on the package design of Drupal the Card Game

The package of Drupal the Card Game features an image that commoditizes women. This was wrong; and I, as managing director of NodeOne, apologize for that.

Drupal the Card Game

In this quick card game 2—4 players compete to earn the most reputation by developing new Drupal modules and building complex websites! The developer with the highest reputation wins the game.
Take on the world with VBO and Rules! Image from Day of the Tentacle and Spreads

Make Rules dance with Views Bulk Operations

I really like the automating power of Rules. And of course the awesome power of Views. Wouldn’t it be awesome squared if you could call a Views Bulk Operations programatically from Rules? Well, it turns out that you can do just that! Here’s an example of how to do it.