DrupalCon training for free.

Today we held the couse "Advanced configuration with Views, Page manager, Flag and Rules", one of the pre-conference trainings for DrupalCon London. Not only did it win a prize for the longest course title, it also sold out and (if I may say so) got some quite good feedback. This blog post summarizes the course in a way that hopefully makes it possible for anyone to do it themselves. I hope it will bring some Drupal joy!
Thanks to arianek for this hilarious photo.

Seven days of Drupal party

DrupalCon Chicago could be my best Drupal experience so far. Me and a dozen colleagues from NodeOne got to Chicago the Saturday before the conference, and ended up going back the eight days later. There is only one suitable word for how it was meeting all Drupal people, getting into cool discussions, learning new things and taking part of the general atmosphere: Awesome.
Anders snapping pictures of the impressive Chicago skyline facing the lake.

The Windy City welcomes us

The city does justify its reputation as windy. It's evident from the biting sensation in our cheeks and hands as we stand by the planetarium and snap pictures of the impressive city skyline that faces Lake Michigan.
Yearly DrupalCon shirt. This year, a meme from They Live.

Preparing for DrupalCon Chicago

It's become some kind of tradition for me to hand-print a t-shirt every time I go to a DrupalCon. This time I thought I would break the tradition, but then I got an idea while packing. Be sure not to bring bubblegum to the conference.

"Every CMS should have its own power ballade"

Man, it was fun playing at FooBar tonight. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making it a great experience. Here are my thoughts about a deeper message in what could be considered a silly song.

Be a happier Drupal developer with Rules (presentation at DrupalCon CPH)

DrupalCon Rules! And here are slides, presentation text, examples and some other resources for my presentation in Copenhagen.
Calendar for DrupalCon, for the device of your choice.

Google Calendar for DrupalCon Copenhagen!

I just made a Google calendar for the sessions at DrupalCon, and thought I might just as well share it.