Drupal 7

Some 320 pages of Drupal goodness. Seems small, is big.

New book: Drupal 7 – the Essentials

I am ridiculously proud and happy to announce my third Drupal book, the first one in English: Drupal 7 – the Essentials. As the title says, it covers what I consider the knowledge every Drupal developer should have, and if you leave out the last part of the book I would say that it is knowledge everyone involved in Drupal projects should have.

An alternative way of structuring features for distributions

Separation of concerns is generally a good concept when it comes to software design. CSS separates presentation from HTML and themes separates presentation from modules. Two very common implementations of that idea. This should of course also apply to how we structure our features...

Drupal 7 TV 110202: Fields overview

This screencast is a part of the Drupal 7 lunch presentations held at NodeOne. It covers some of the most important differences in configuring fields, when comparing Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.
Drupalistas in snowball war!
NodeOne Hotdogs!
Bahador & Fabian S does Drupal
Dixon and the user stories!

NodeOne.se kamikaze sprint - Feature no1 in test! Yea!

At midnight we needed some air and we went out for some "snöbollskastning". After some face hits, we went back in for hot-dogs. I don't know if it was the face hits or the hot-dogs but suddenly it just happened! Team 2 moved their first back log item from "In Progress" to "test". The first item produced was the node-type page that will be used to create the more "static" pages on our site.
The Current NodeOne site, take a good look it, might be history soon.
Isabell and the backlog.
Riddersviks Gård provides great service!
NodeOne Drupal bug fixing squad. Dick, Greg and Fabian

Kamikaze in progress, getting things done!

The teams are getting productive and it's really great to see all the passion among the developers. I see a lot of smiling faces and people laugh out loud! We still wait for the first user story to be committed to stage for approval from the PO.