Finger painting

Theming training in Berlin

25 - 26 june, NodeOne goes to Drupal Design camp in Berlin to talk about the basics of theming.

NodeOne talks Drupal: Semantic CCK

The Semantic CCK module makes it easy to adjust markup in your CCK fields. It is easy to use, has all the options you would like, and has a pretty good potential to make you a happier Drupal developer.

How to create a patch for a Drupal module

Short walkthrough on how to create a patch for a Drupal module using Git and Giggle.

NodeOne talks Drupal: DraggableViews and CCK fields

DraggableViews is a handy way of managing manual sorting in Views lists. By enabling the CCK features in the module you can also use it to manage node references. Here's a quick screencast to show you how!

You say "ballad", I say "GPL"

OK, so there were some things in Your Theme to My Module that weren't perfect. For example, "power ballade" isn't really an accepted term in the English language. (Yet.) Q: What to do about it? A: Submit a patch!

"Every CMS should have its own power ballade"

Man, it was fun playing at FooBar tonight. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making it a great experience. Here are my thoughts about a deeper message in what could be considered a silly song.

Panels 3.7 Views Context - quick demo

Apart from the Panels In-Place Editor, the greatest news in Panels 3.7 is (imho) the Views Context. It allows some cool stuff on the surface, but mindblowing possibilities if you look deeper. Here's a quick demo of what Views Context is!

Ctools 1.7 Views Content Panes - quick demo

Yes, there are new versions of Panels and Chaos Tools available! There are a few updates on what Views Content Panes can do. Check out this short video to know what.

NodeOne om Drupal: introduktion till Administration Menu

Administration Menu är ett snabbt och smidigt verktyg för att lättare kunna navigera runt i Drupal. I denna screencast får du se hur modulen funkar, och även ett par lite mer dolda funktioner.