Schedule front page publishing

As site editor I would like to be able to schedule content to be promoted to front page. I would also be like to set an end time for front page promotion. Naturally, I would also like to see what is scheduled for front page promotion. This is important since it helps me keeping our most visited page updated even when noone is manually updating the site.

Note: There is an important correction in the comments to this exercise. Bonus if you can spot the mistake made in the suggested solution!

Required Preparations: 

* A content type with a date field (see attached feature)
* Required modules: Date
* Recommended patch for Rules (Scheduler):

Additional Comments: 

NOTE: In this video I use [node:title] for setting schedule task ID. This is a bad idea – it would lead to duplicated scheduled items if the title is changed. Thanks to @iKrille for making me aware of this.

The point of adding the node title was that it would be possible to see what node was scheduled for promotion, even without the patch used in this screencast. Don't do it the way demonstrated here – rely on node ID only.

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