Page layout and regions

This screencast shows how to add new regions to your sub theme (or change the existing ones). This is done in three steps:

  1. Add a line regions[REGION_MACHINE_NAME] = REGION HUMAN NAME to your .info file
  2. Copy the page.tpl.php file from the base theme to your sub theme
  3. Add <?php print render($page['REGION_MACHINE_NAME']); ?> at some suitable place in page.tpl.php, preferrable wrapped by some HTML markup and maybe an if statement.

If you don't declare any regions at all, nine default regions will be added: page_top, page_bottom, content, header, highlight, help, sidebar_first, sidebar_second and footer. (The 'featured' region is not included – sorry saying this in the recording!) If you declare any regions, you must declare page_top, page_bottom and content, because Drupal requires these to work properly.

That's it!

Additional Resources: