Organic groups and creating multi-site solutions

This screencast introduces the Organic groups module at a conceptual level, pointing out that it is a module (or suite of modules) normally used when you want to create "sites within your site" – restricted sections where selected people can post content, read content, join, leave, get updates, and so on.

Some other solutions for similar tasks are:

  • Domain Access – for example useful when you want to use several different domain names for sites that share some users/content.
  • Workbench (and Workbench Access) – useful when you want to restrict posting and editing permissions to sections on your site. Works really well with hierarchical section structure.
  • Drupal core's multi-site installation functionality – allows several Drupal sites to run on the same code base and, partially, the same data tables.

What's cool with Organic groups is (1) that it makes it easy to form and manage new groups – hence the name; (2) all the cool permission/access functionality that comes with it, and (3) the awesome integration with other Drupal modules/frameworks.