Moving a Drupal site

This screencast shows how to move a Drupal site from one environment to another, in this case from a web host to a local computer. In short, the process is as follows:

  1. Set the source site in maintenance mode (if you want to take it offline)
  2. Clear the cache on the source site
  3. Export the database from the target site (or, possibly, the tables in the database you're using)
  4. Import the database to the target environment (or, possible, the tables into an existing database)
  5. Copy the full Drupal file structure from the source to the target environment (including hidden files like .htaccess)
  6. Change the database login credentials in sites/default/settings.php, to match the target environment
  7. Make sure that the folder sites/default/files (and sub folders) is writable for the target server
  8. Done!

I had to re-record this screencast at least four times, so a comment with sympathies would be appreciated. ;-)