More group content listing with Page manager

This screencast shows how to use Page manager to list group content in a more flexible way than is (easily) possible with other approaches. The example used for this is that when you view a group content, you are also shown a list of other group content. This screencast includes:

  • Some words about how and why Page manager is a more powerful and flexible way of listing group content than is Views (or EVA) by itself
  • How to set the argument input for the Views content pane properly – we're actually expecting any group ID, not just a node ID
  • How to add a custom page used for group content
  • How to add a Page manager relationship to bring in information about the group related to the viewed article
  • How to use this contextual information with the Views content pane
  • Finally, as an extra bonus, also how to exclude the currently viewed article from the embedded list of group content
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