Learn Drupal coding with NodeOne


This is an experimental screencast I have been wanting to do for some time. I am by training an practice a Drupal site builder/configurator, creating site functionality without coding – but recently I have started to write small modules that extend the functionality of other modules.

It is my firm conviction that anyone who wants to code for Drupal should learn how to build Drupal sites without coding first – in particular you should be (very) comfortable with Drupal core, Views, Page manager/Panels, Rules and probably also Flag. If you don't know the ins and outs of those modules you will be writing code that someone already wrote, and wrote it better than you. Really.

If you do know these modules well, however, you can code really cool things with little effort – all you need might be an argument handler for Views or an event trigger for Rules.

The content of this learning series is intentionally focused on pretty complex Drupal concepts, while code is kept simple. That is, in my opinion, how it should be. (The first episode of this series turned into this summary post – but numbers on all episodes are keps, since they are mentioned in the actual recordings.)

This screencast series is divided into several chapters, focusing on different topics. So far only the first chapter is recorded. Suggestions for further chapters are:

  • Chapter 2: Using hooks (introduction to hook_form_alter, and more)
  • Chapter 3: Form API
  • Chapter 4: CTools plugins

Write a comment if you want to influence the future chapters of this series!


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Warning: This learning series is recorded by someone quite new to Drupal coding. There may be inaccuracies or examples that fall short of best practices. Please contribute a comment if you spot this!

Note: This screencast has been halted. Please check out the chapter on module writing in Four weeks of Drupal for more videos on coding.