Flag and Rules: overview

This screencast quickly shows the events, conditions and actions that Flag exposes to the Rules module. It covers:

  • Event: Flagging and unflagging entities
  • Condition: Flag is set on an entity (by a particular user)
  • Condition: An entity has at least a number of flaggings
  • Action: Load the list of users flagging an entity
  • Action: Set or remove a flag (for a particular user)
  • Action: Remove all flaggings (for a particular user) – or save a particular number of flaggings

Your thoughts are wanted!

This screencast was really quick – only giving a quick glance at the features mentioned. Is this a good way to do screencast, if complemented with separate screencasts for the mentioned features? Please write your opinion in a comment!

A: No, I'd like an example when you mention a feature. It makes the screencast more useful. B: Yes, it is better to have really quick/short screencasts, even if it means that it isn't clear what some features do. Complement with equally short screencasts for explaining the features, please. C: Yes, it is better to have really quick/short screencasts – but since there already are Flag screencasts you don't have to bother to add new screencasts for this topic.

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