Creating an example feature

This screencast shows how to create an example feature with the new module – in this case unpublishing new comments if they contain any of the words in the word list. This feature is then exported and included in the module. (Having example configuration included as a feature is a pretty good practice for modules whose purposes are not obvious.) This is the last (almost!) screencast for writing this module. You are welcome to clone this module project from and take it further. Some suggestions are listed below, and you probably have some ideas yourself, too. Suggested ways to take this module further:
  • Allow multiple word lists
  • Allow both case-sensitive and case-insensitive word list checks
  • Create a Rules action to set the word list
  • Add a (proper) setter callback for the site property word list, to make it writable
  • Add a word list condition with a threshold, so (i.e.) 2 but not 3 listed words are acceptable