Additional automated URL aliases

As site member I would like to have a nice URL on my content list, saying "users/MY_NAME/content", rather than "user/MY_USER_ID/content". This is important since it makes it easier to remember the path, and also easier for search engines to understand the page content.

Required Preparations: 
  • A view available as a tab on each user page, listing content created by that user. (See attached feature for this setup.)
  • Required/recommended modules: Pathauto, Token, Rules Bonus Pack
Additional Comments: 
  • It is possible to manage *all* path aliases on your site with Rules, instead of using Path Auto. That would require setting up rules for every alias you want to create or remove, which takes time but also gives good control over the aliases created.
  • When preparing this screencast I was pretty sure that I could use text strings as token replacement patterns in Rules, but it turned out that it is (currenly) only possible to use them with data selection. This explains the somewhat lengthy string manipulation in the suggested solution.
Additional Resources: 
Solution Video: